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Free Laser Measurements

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Once you book the site visit, our professional and experienced surveyor will visit for the laser measurements and consultation. Laser machine is used by our team to take accurate measurements for accurate quotation and costing.

Packaging and Masking

We care for your furniture and appliances. We want you to have the most clean and stain free home painting experience. Hence, we do packaging and masking with plastic sheet to secure furniture and appliances from stains.

Latest Machinery

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We use latest machinery and technology in the whole process of house painting. Laser Devices for measurements to Vaccuum Sanding Machines are used for sanding harsh surfaces, Compressor is used in painting and polish processes and more. Latest Machinery gives a smoother finish and save a lot of time.

Trained Workers

We have a team of extremely trained home painting workers. The wall painting work is the most important part of the interior of your home. Our workers work towards the best finish possible of your home walls.

Post Service Cleaning

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We are different from our comptition. We make sure your home is cleaned deeply once the home painting service is completed. Book Dazzlehomes home painting service and experience the hassle-free and cleanest painting job.

No Outsourcing

Our teams are associated with us since the beginning. Your home painting job will be done directly by Dazzlehomes Professional Home Painting Team and will not be outsourced to any local vendor like other painting companies.

Our Work

Dazzlehomes Home Painting Service

Book Now !! The Best Home Painting Service in India.

  • Interior and Exterior Painting -Categories of Dazzlehomes Painting Service incudes Interior, Exterior of Residential or Commerical space. Kindly book here for the same. We also provide wood polishing for all kind of woods. You may book Wood Polishing from home page
  • Cleanest Home Painting in India – We have come up with the solution of providing a clean and stain free home painting service to our customers. Before beginning the work we make sure that non paintable area is masked and covered with sheets to avoid stains on furnitures, appliances or switches. And even after the service is completed we do a complete home cleaning to remove the remaining stains. This way your home is completely safe with the Dazzlehomes Home Paitning Service. 
  • All Brands Genuine – It has been very difficult for the customers to choose the right home painting team for their requirement. Dazzlehomes home painting service gives you the freedom to choose any brand you like. We make sure that the customer is completely satisfied by the products we use. By Default we use Asian Paints for the painting job but if you want to go with Dulux, Berger, Nerlolac or any other brand we do cooperate at the same cost. 
  • Wide Range of Paint options – We come up with a widest range of paint options for your walls, doors or windows. Starting from ordinary oil based distempers to the Luxury washable paints, we do it all.
  • Highly Trained Workers – The customer should be informed that all the workers do not acquire the knowledge of applying all paints. Example – Asian Paints Royale Luxury cannot be applied perfectly by an ordianary painter who does distemper or premium paint. Therefore , along with providing wide range of paint options we have trained and professional workers for different products/paints.
  • 1 Year Service Free – We understand there are situations where the walls require some touch ups after 4 to 5 months of the painting work because of wet walls or some other scratch. So, we provide a free 1 year painting service to our customers.

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